Monday, May 11, 2020

Wayne County Family Division Zoom Hearings

The 3rd Circuit Court is reopening as of May 11, 2020 for Zoom hearings.  Each courtroom is Zoom capable and a live stream of proceedings will be available via YouTube.  The court will send out a notice of hearing for each case containing instructions for joining the Zoom hearing:

1. Join the Zoom Hearing. All parties should do the following to join your hearing at the time of the call:
- Go to or you can find the link under “Essential Links”.
- Click on “Family Domestic- Domestic”
- Click “Start Meeting” next to your corresponding Judge’s Name.

2. Enter your name and case number for “Your Name”. For example, “John Doe 20-123456-DO”.

3. Waiting Room. You will be immediately placed into a waiting room into your Assigned Judge’s “Personal Meeting Room”. Upon calling, your line will be MUTED. Do not hang up or leave the meeting.

4. The Judicial Assistant will bring you “into” the virtual hearing at or around the designated time. Before speaking, please wait until your line is unmuted by the Court.

5. As this is a Court proceeding, professional decorum is expected on ALL zoom hearings including, but not limited to, appropriate dress, background view, and NO eating, drinking, or gum chewing during the proceeding. Please limit all background noise, distractions, and third party interactions.

6. Once you are done with the virtual hearing, click “Leave Meeting”.

The Coleman A. Young Municipal Center remains closed to the public - all filings must be made via email to  You can search the Register of Actions on the 3rd Circuit Website for your case to confirm the filing was received.

Updated: Custody and Parenting Time FAQs during COVID-19

The Michigan State Court Administrative Office issued an updated FAQ sheet to answer commonly asked questions for child custody issues during the state of emergency and the Executive Order 2020-21 issued by Governor Whitmer on March 23, 2020.

FAQs about Custody and Parenting Time During the COVID-19 Outbreak 

For any specific questions you may have about your child custody or parenting time, call Breitmeyer Cushman PLLC.

Child Support FAQs during COVID-19

The Michigan State Court Administrative Office has issued the following document to answer questions regarding payment of child support and addresses how to modify support if your income has changed as a result of COVID-19.  See the link below for helpful tips.

FAQs about Child SupportDuring the COVID-19 Outbreak