Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Private Investigators: How They Can Help

A number of clients call to discuss hiring a private investigator.  Their reason may be to check on someone they met on an online dating site or to protect an elderly parent from possible predators.  Some want to confirm that someone is really divorced.

Using a private investigator usually gets more information than can be obtained by non-professionals as they have access to special data bases not open to the general public.  Be careful when hiring a private investigator.  Make sure the one chosen is licensed and in good standing.  If the reason you are hiring an investigator is for divorce purposes, you may want an attorney to assist you.  There are dangers in authorizing anyone to access another=s computer or take photographs without consent or eavesdrop on a phone conversation (see my earlier article AHey, Nice Guy Getting Divorced: You  Could bea Cyber Criminal@ January 7, 2013).

To find a private investigator there are various lists for reputable investigators.  The cost of looking can be as low as $65.  For more complicated work, such as debugging a house may cost hundreds of dollars.