Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday parenting time tips

Whether you are going through a divorce, newly divorced or have been divorced for a while, the holidays can be a difficult hurdle for you and your ex-spouse, er, co-parent to get through.  Here are a few tips to help ease the stress and make things more memorable (in a positive way) for your children: 
  • Reach out to family and friends for support.  You’ve heard the old saying, “the more the merrier.” It can be true that the more people you are around the better your mood will be. 
    • Start new traditions.  The idea is to shake things up, do something different. Any past seasonal behaviors that were once wonderful but now dredge up negative emotions can be done away with and replaced by new and exciting activities.
    • Try to focus on the positive with your children.  If they come to you and express sadness, don’t dismiss their feelings but do remind them that change can be a good thing and due to the changes from the divorce they will now have two holiday celebrations to look forward to. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?
      • Work with your ex-spouse in a co-operative manner. Share with each other the details of what you are buying the children and how you will be celebrating. The holidays really are about the kids, so the more you work together toward this goal, the happier the season will be.