Monday, August 27, 2018

Divorce Checklist

The following is a checklist of “housekeeping” items that need to be accomplished to be sure your divorce is truly completed:


Refinance the marital home

List the marital home for sale

Execute a Quit Claim Deed

Execute a Property Transfer Affidavit (MI Dept. of Treasury Form 2766)

Transfer Homeowners Insurance

Division of Retirement Benefits/HSA Accounts

QDRO Preparation

IRA Rollover

HSA Account transfer

Medical Insurance

COBRA Coverage: You must take steps immediately to obtain your COBRA coverage.  You have only 60 days from date of entry of Judgment of Divorce to make application or you lose the right to have this coverage. Contact the Human Resource Department immediately and get the application filed.  This will be available for three years and you should consider searching for the best replacement policy soon. 

Personal Property

Transfer title for all vehicles; transfer insurance for all vehicles.

Exchange all personal property awarded in the Judgment of Divorce.

Financial Institutions

Transfer or close joint bank and/or credit accounts, or open new accounts in your name.

Run a credit report to make sure your name is off all joint accounts.

Child/Spousal Support

Setup an online account to keep track of your child/spousal support payments through the Friend of the Court:

FOC Opt Out: if you have opted out of Friend of the Court services, remember to keep track of all payments you receive or pay to the other party.

Payer: Income withholding will occur through your employer if Friend of the Court is servicing your support obligation. Make sure to keep track of your accounting so you are aware of any issues that may occur. (If you change jobs, make sure to notify Friend of the Court right away).
Name Change

Take a certified copy of the Judgment of Divorce or the Order Changing Surname to your nearest Social Security Administration (“SSA”) office.  After you are done at the SSA, take the order to the Michigan Secretary of State office.  You will need to change your name on all accounts with each financial institution and each financial institution has different policies regarding verification of name change.

Beneficiary Designations/Estate Planning

Change the beneficiary designation on all retirement assets, life insurance policies, and estate planning documents.

Update your estate planning documents.

Tax Issues

Work with your accountant to determine your new tax status and determine whether you need to adjust your withholdings and/or make quarterly estimated tax payments.


Remember to change your passwords and PINs.

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